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The Date Night
• Elegant Dinner for Two
we pay the check up to $100
• First-Ever 2015 Lincoln MKC
yours for the entire weekend
• Magical Memories
uniquely your own

2015 Lincoln MKC First-Ever 2015 Lincoln MKC

*Are you looking for the fine print because this invitation sounds too good to be true? It really is true! You get to take home a beautiful 2015 Lincoln MKC and we’ll pay for dinner for two, up to $100. No chaperon! The rules? Think of it like you’re taking our daughter to prom: we’re trusting you to drive safely, treat her well and have a great time. But unlike prom, you get to stay out all night and return the Lincoln the following Monday morning. No purchase necessary. Minimum age 21. Limit one Date Night per household. Previous recipients not eligible. Varsity Automotive Group employees not eligible. No limit on falling in love!